WOD: “Partner 2006” -Thurs 12.15.11

“Partner 2006”

1,000 Jump Ropes

500 Air Squats

250 Crunches

128 Burpees

64 Partner Clap Push Ups

32 Sprints

16 Buddy Carries (or sprints) 

8  Wheel Barrow Walks

4  75 Meter Army Crawls

2  75 Meter Tire Flips

Goal:  To complete 2006 reps of the exercises listed above in the quickest amount of time as possible or 35 minutes…whatever happens first

Rest: when needed

How to do it:  You and your partner have to complete the required number of reps per exercise combined.  (1000 Jump ropes total, not each).  You and your partner can choose do work on the total rep number at the same time or one at a time (both doing jump ropes or one person goes then switch). 


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