Coach Spotlight: Ben Isabella

Certifications:Owner, CrossFit Level 1,2, and 3, CCFT, C.S.C.S, 2014 Regionals Athlete, Certified Ancestral Health Coach
Started as an athlete with Isabella Fitness: 7/11/11
First Class Coaching: 7/11/11


In 2009, I received my C.S.C.S from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. As well as being a strength and conditioning specialist, bootcamp instructor, and CrossFit Level 1. 2, and 3 Trainer (CCFT). I am a Physical Education Teacher at Sayreville High School in New Jersey.¬† I bring a wealth of valuable experience to my training arsenal after years of extensive work with high school athletes and former Collegiate Athletes.¬†I have worked with specialized athletes, weekend warriors, and fitness enthusiasts.¬†I continuously demonstrate my versatility by providing individual and group training¬†in the areas of CrossFit. bootcamp, and circuit training. In 2014, I was fortunate enough to qualify for the 2014 NorthEast Regional where I took 17th overall.¬†My mission has always been to work with individuals who love & live fitness. Keep up to date with current fitness & nutrition info by following me on Instagram @Ben_Isabella. Let‚Äôs link up: [email protected]

My life has changed in so many great ways since leading my first class on July 11, 2011. At the time, there were only a few of us working out together on the high school football field. I initially started leading bootcamps because I wanted to get an intense workout after watching the CrossFit Games on ESPN. I figured I could get a couple of my buddies together to join me in this new interest. Along the way, I realized that working with individuals who shared the same passion for fitness as I did was gratifying. I decided to make bootcamp the main focus of my life. Since then I have developed so many great relationships, friendships, and experiences. I have devoted every available hour of my day to make the best possible experience for the bootcampers at Isabella Fitness. Opening up my own facility was always a dream of my mine. On May 1st, 2013, I officially opened up CrossFit Sayreville! Since then we have undergone enormous growth and success. 6 Months after opening we expanded; which turned our 1,500 square foot facility into 3,000 SQ feet. Again, in September of 2015, we expanded another 1,500 square foot. We now reside in a 4,500 SQ foot facility, which houses our CrossFit, Ladies Fitness, Bootcamp, Personal Training, and CrossFit Youth programs.

I believe that most fitness programs/bootcamps/CrossFits are similar in nature, and will produce similar results. However, it is the people involved that separate one training program from the next. It is the relationships we build that sustain loyalty over time.

-Ben, Owner

My goal as a human being extends beyond material gain and personal advancement. By making the lives of the people around me better, I provide meaning in my life. I create purpose. I believe that every human being has something unique to offer, and that a larger sense of purpose comes from using that gift to help your organizations, families, or communities thrive. The gift might be your knowledge, your experience, your values, your presence, your heart, or your wisdom. It’s about getting more out of life by putting more into it. I have created a platform that allows me to make a massive impact on people’s lives. I am fortunate to have this opportunity as most people do not have the platform to give back. I have always felt that there was more to life than what I was able to take from it. I imagine that there are plenty of people who are reading this that want to add value and purpose to their life by adding value to other people’s lives. I wonder how many people even think about how they are contributing to this world versus just going through the motions. At the end of your journey, what do you want to have accomplished? Ultimately, life would seem pretty meaningless if I didn’t work my butt off trying to make my little community of individuals happier people. I want nothing more than to provide my community of individuals with the tools to be the most super-human version of themselves. With that being said, I want to know from the people who read this, who wants the chance to impact people’s lives but might not quite have the platform to do so. Better yet, who wants me to help them create value in their existence by providing them with an opportunity to make other people’s lives better. Who wants to help me make real change? If you think about your purpose is in life and you feel as though you have more to give then let’s talk. text me. This kind of life is not for everyone. The only way there can be givers is if there are takers.

Why Lead? The sources of meaning most essential in the human experience draw from our yearning to connect with other people. The experience of leadership can give life meaning beyond the usual day-to-day stakes (approval of friends, material gain, or immediate gratification of success) because leadership allows me to connect with others in a significant way. I hope to make a difference in people’s lives. Leadership enables and challenges me to change lives.


November 21, 2015 – Battle By the Bay – Partner, 1st Place
October 24, 2015 – Rock the WOD 4 – Partner, 1st place
July 2015 – Partner Palooza – 2nd Place
June 2015 – SteelFit Championships – 2nd Place

May 2014 – 17th in the 2014 CrossFit NorthEast Regional

Jan 26, 2013 – Main Street Pride (Crossfit Competition) – FIRST PLACE FINISH
April 6, 2013 –¬†Civilian Military Combine – FIRST PLACE FINISH (Champion Heat & Team Award)
May 4, 2013 ‚Äď For Pete‚Äôs Sake 5K Walk/Run¬†(PR 19:54, 3rd Place Overall)
May 18, 2013 ‚Äď CMC ‚Äď Tri-State Assault¬†– FIRST PLACE FINISH
June 22, 2013 – SuperFit Championship (WOD 1 & 2 – 1st, WOD 3 – 2nd)
Sept 14, 2013 РCMC РNYC Urban Assault (3rd Overall/ 2nd Place Team)

CrossFits Visited Since 2011 (82)

  • CF Reykjavik (Iceland, 2016)
  • CF Shrewsbury (NJ, 2015)
  • CF West Essex (NJ, 2015)
  • PowerPack CF (NJ, 2015)
  • CrossFit Fifty¬†(Oahu, 2015)
  • CrossFit Kuleana (Oahu, 2015)
  • CrossFit Zeus(Oahu, 2015)
  • CrossFit K Block (Oahu, 2015)
  • Alaka‚Äôi CrossFit (Oahu, 2015)
  • CrossFit East Oahu (Oahu, 2015)
  • CrossFit West Oahu (Oahu, 2015)
  • CrossFit Waipio (Oahu, 2015)
  • CrossFitOahu (Oahu, 2015)
  • CrossFit Pearl City (Oahu, 2015)
  • CrossFit Kaneohe (Oahu, 2015)
  • CrossFit Kailua (Oahu, 2015)
  • Kahala CrossFit (Oahu, 2015)
  • Charter Oak CrossFit (Conn, 2015)
  • CrossFit Petworth (DC, 2015)
  • Garden City CrossFit (NY, 2015)
  • Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach (FL, 2014)
  • DA Factory CrossFit (FL, 2014)
  • CrossFit Kendall (FL, 2014)
  • CrossFit305 (FL, 2014)
  • CrossFitA1A (FL, 2014)
  • CrossFitBRX (FL, 2014)
  • IMTCrossFit (FL, 2014)
  • CrossFitBluePrint (FL, 2014)
  • CrossFit Wynwood (FL, 2014)
  • Peak 360 CrossFit (FL, 2014)
  • CrossFit Soul (FL, 2014)
  • I AM CrossFit (FL, 2014)
  • I AM CrossFit South Miami (FL, 2014)
  • CrossFit Kingdom (FL, 2014)
  • DownState CrossFit (NY, 2014)
  • Mission¬†CrossFit (Texas 2014)
  • CrossFit South Lamar¬†(Texas 2014)
  • CrossFit Bulletproof¬†(Texas 2014)
  • CrossFit Oakhill¬†(Texas 2014)
  • Bat City CrossFit¬†(Texas 2014)
  • VooDoo CrossFit 512¬†(Texas 2014)
  • CrossFit City Limits¬†¬†(Texas 2014)
  • Fortitude Fitness¬†(Texas 2014)
  • CrossFit Unchained¬†(Texas 2014)
  • Brodie Park CrossFit¬†(Texas 2014)
  • Jones-N-4 CrossFit¬†¬†(Texas 2014)
  • Exitium CrossFit¬†(Texas 2014)
  • ASD CrossFit¬†¬†(Texas 2014)
  • CrossFit Renew¬†(Texas 2014)
  • CrossFit Central¬†(Texas 2014)
  • CrossFit Krypton (VA, 2013)
  • LAX CrossFit¬†(Cali, 2013)
  • Aviator CrossFit¬†(Cali, 2013)
  • A4 CrossFit (Cali, 2013)
  • Dogtown¬†(Cali, 2013)
  • Reflex¬†(Cali, 2013)
  • Anaheim CrossFit West¬†(Cali, 2013)
  • Pride¬†(Cali, 2013)
  • Citizen¬†(Cali, 2013)
  • Invictus¬†(Cali, 2013)
  • Primitive¬†(Cali, 2013)
  • Hillcrest¬†(Cali, 2013)
  • Riot¬†(Cali, 2013)
  • RXD¬†(Cali, 2013)
  • 714¬†(Cali, 2013)
  • Mission Gorge¬†(Cali, 2013)
  • WoodWard Crossfit (TX)
  • CrossFit City Limits (TX)
  • Dublin CrossFit (BlackRock, Ireland)
  • Dublin CrossFit (Centre City, Ireland)
  • CrossFit732 (NJ)
  • CrossFit Outer Banks (NC)
  • Primal CrossFit (DC)¬†
  • Hoboken CrossFit (NJ)
  • Hardbat CrossFit (Del.)¬†
  • Ocean City CrossFit (Maryland)
  • South Baltimore CrossFit (Maryland)
  • District CrossFit (DC)
  • Off The Grid (Egg Harbor, NJ)
  • Off The Grid (Williamstown, NJ)
  • Toms River CrossFit (NJ)
  • Marlboro CrossFit (NJ, 2011)
  • Westfield (NJ, 2011)

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