WOD: “Team Relay” -Tues 2.12.13

“Team Relay”

Teams of 4  or 5

Teams will line up in a straight line.  Individuals from each line will run to a desired location and back.  When an individual returns back to the starting line the next person in the line will start to run.  The total time it takes every member of the line to complete the sprint will designate how many reps of a given exercise the team must complete together, not individually.  If it takes the team 50 seconds to finish then they have to finish 50 reps of an exercise.  Continue like this for a desired time frame.  Exercises can be picked at your discretion. (i.e. Burpees, HRPUs, Lunges, Squat Jumps)

30 minutes



30 OHWL (10#)

20 Weighted Jump Rope

10 HRPU 

20 Minutes


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