Fri 4.29.16

“Adversity changes us, but how it changes us is OUR choice

Strength: Snatch, 5×5, 75% Every 90 seconds

Huff and Puff, Intervals: Fight Gone Bad 

  • BJO (24/20)
  • KBS (50/30)
  • Burpees
  • WJR
  • DB/KB Snatch 1 for 1 (50/30)
    • 1 Min Rest
    • repeat two more times (3 rounds in total)
  1. *Each exercise will be performed for 1 minute each
  2. *Count the reps of every exercise to establish one total score per round. 3 Scores total by the end of the workout.

Shoutouts: Tomorrow Jodi M Bday
Box News: none

Schedule/Event News:

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