Friday 10.6.17

Strength/Skill: Bike and HSPUs

  • 3 Round EMOM
    • min 1:  10/7 Bike Cals (rest with remaining time from the minute)
    • min 2:  Max HSPUs (use the entire minute) (record rep number and keep a continuous running total)
    • min 3:  rest
      • repeat 2 more times
      • record the total reps of HSPUs you are able to complete (one final score from all 3 rounds)
      • Coaches:  If you need to separate your class into heats,  start heat 2 90 seconds after heat 1
      • Athletes 17+ use Rower (15/10) or Ski Erg (12/8)

WOD: For Time – Chipper

  • Run 6 laps
  • 50 KB/DB Snatch (50/35) (1 for 1)
  • 50 BF Situps (20/14)
  • 25 Ring Dips
  • 25 Burpees
    • YOU CAN go out of order but must complete one exercise completely before moving on to the next. For example, you can do the dips first then the situps then the burpees, et cetera.
    • Again: Athletes decide the order in which they complete each exercise.  You cannot partition the reps (i.e.  do a few dips, then a few burpees, then run a lap and go back to dips)
      • 23 min cap

Happy Bday Willly
3 Year anniversary ADEL!


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