High vs Low Bar

High vs Low Bar

Low Bar

  • Useful for general strength trainees, athletes, and powerlifters.
  • More difficult to perform correctly
  • Focuses on creating a stretch reflex with hamstrings out of the bottom and a focus on hip drive to put an emphasis on the ascent. Focuses on Posterior chain
  • If knees come out at the bottom you wont get help from the hamstrings
  • Can help novice trainees improve their 2nd pull of their OLY lifts
  • Help Increase power cleans and power snatches
  • Low Bar does not relate to full cleans and snatches
  • Lack of flexibility in the shoulders can limit one’s ability to perform them pain free

High Bar

  • Focuses on glutes and hamstrings
  • High bar days can go along with RDL’s to recruit hamstrings
  • Helps with OLY lifting because it teaches catch positioning
  • Could be a problem for people with knee pain
  • The more vertical the chest the more forward the knees

In General

  • However you squat, bar is inline with middle of foot
  • Use the lifts that will help you achieve your goals from the standpoint of muscular development, strength, mechanics, comfort, and deficiencies.


FULL ARTICLE: http://www.tabatatimes.com/low-bar-vs-high-bar-back-squat/

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