Mon 5.9.16

“What you are good at is exactly what is keeping you from becoming great.”

Strength Complex: 2 deadlifts + 2 hang cleans + 2 front squats, 5 sets, work up to a heavy complex, Every 2 min

Time to Grind: For Time


  • Deadlifts (225/185)
  • Pull Ups


  • Front Squats (155/115)
  • T2B


  • Thrusters (95/65)
  • Hollow Rocks

25 min cap

Cool Down:

5 minutes on the assault bike at a conversational pace or foam roller

  1. Time to Grind implies that you have a competitive weight on the bar for your barbell movements. It’s time to grind out those last few reps on the bar. The struggle is in the load not the body weight movements.

Shoutouts: Kelsey, Anya Bday
Box News: none

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