Bad Posture & Pain

For shoulder or neck pain caused by bad posture, bicep tendinitis, or overhead weight lifting movements I recommend these corrective exercises. Doing these exercises are also a great tool to correct poor posture and slouching shoulders before pain occurs.

Start with the pec release and back release to help improve range of motion before workouts and during free time throughout your day. These should be done as frequently as possible. Minimum 2-3 times per week, max 2 times per day. After these mobility movements move to the following strength exercises.

Use the reverse fly, shoulder opener, banded-row, and shoulder stabilizer to strengthen your posture in a healthier position. These can be performed in any order. I recommend performing them at least twice a week and at most every other day. They can be used as a warm-up but are even better post workout!

To see improvements with posture and pain relief consistency is key! Make sure to keep a consistent weekly schedule if you expect to see results! If you would like a Tekken for your home, let me know I’ll pick one up for you; they are $30. Good luck and keep me updated!



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