Thurs 5.12.16

“Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to one’s self-esteem.”

Strength: Back Squat, 5×5, Find 5RM, Every 2 min

Interval Work: 4 Rounds each for Time

  • 8 Cleans (75%)
  • 16 ABMAT Sit Ups
  • 24 Wall Balls (20/14)
  • 2 min rest
    • 21 min cap
  1. Today’s interval work MAY not quite be a sprint due to the 75% clean. The goal for this interval is to finish under 3 minutes for each round. Scale accordingly.
  2. Strategy for cleans: If you know that Wall Balls are going to slow you down then I would suggest lowering your clean to 60-65% in order to move the clean a touch faster.
  3. If you are solid at wall balls and the 75% clean is a strong movement for you then your mind should be focused on positional quality at high velocity (i.e. move the bar efficiently and quickly while maintaining immaculate form).
  4. Ideally, your 4 scores should be recorded as individual scores (i.e. 2:51, 2:45, 2:50, 3:01, 2:59), but if your math is going to make the coach crazy then scores such as 2:41, 8:12, 13:15, etc are permissible.

Shoutouts: Megan Kos 2 year anniversary
Box News: none

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