Tues 2.14.17

Strength: Power Clean, 6×3, Every 90 Seconds. Can be TNG or a brief 5-10second rest in between reps. (no %)
WOD: Sprint Intervals 

  • The goal of today’s workout is to really push the tempo on the BJO and KBS and then settle in for the cleans. The goal should be around 15-25 cleans in the remaining time. This is in large part dependent on how well your move through the first two movements. 
  • In 4 minutes complete the following 
  • 20 BJO (24/20)
  • 20 KBS (55/40)
  • AMAP Power Cleans with the remaining time @ 65% of 1RM
    • Record the number of reps completed

Rest 2 min
Repeat 2 more times
You will have 3 separate scores at the end of the WOD. 

Mobility: Ankle/Calf Stretch. 2×30 sec each side

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