Wed 2.15.17

Skill: Push Press, 5×5, no %, Every 2 min

  • Focus on the return with a 2-3 second eccentric movement.

WOD: 21 Min AMRAP Relay

  • The goal of today’s WOD is to have a high heart rate, bring it down a little while your partner works, then bring it right back up again. This is a sprint workout. It is going to stuck. Push the tempo and feel the lung burn.
  • 10/8 Cal Row
  • 10/8 Deadlifts (185/125)
  • 10/8 Lateral Bar Over Burpees
    • One partner must complete one exercise, then run and tag their partner in. The partner does the next exercise and then tags the first athlete back in. Continue in this fashion for 21 minutes.
    • You are essentially alternating exercises.
    • If solo, complete as an AMRAP

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