Tues 6.28.16

“Create value in the world around you & for the people around you, & the greatest opportunities will come to you in moments & places you never expected.”

Strength: Hip Hang Snatch, 5×2, Every 90 Seconds.

Partner Push: 20 Min AMRAP

  • 15 Hip Hang Snatches (95/65)
  • 20 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
  • 15/10 Cal Bike
    • This is not a partner workout per se. You are using your partner as a PACER. You will have your own individual score.
  1. The goal of today’s workout is to use your partner as a pacer to push you. This push may come in the form of speed, load, and/or volume. By speed, I mean how fast you move. By load, I mean how heavy the snatch. By volume, I mean the reps.
    1. One person will start on the bike while the other person starts on the snatches (again, they will have their own score and are NOT sharing bars unless they want to)
    2. They will BOTH move on to the BJO once they are done with their respective exercise.
    3. Once they are both done with THEIR OWN 20 BJO’s they will move to the last exercise.  For the person who started on the Bike, they will move to the snatches while the person who started on the snatches will move to the bike.
    4. In summary, One athlete will be biking while the other athlete is snatching. Both athletes will be doing box jumps at the same time (using different boxes)
    1. If you find yourself falling behind maybe your volume will decrease. For example, if your partner is done with their bike calories and you are only through 10 snatches you may want to concede to the lower rep count unless you can finish your last 10 snatches without really making your partner wait.
    2. On the flip side, If you realize that your partner is only 10 snatches in and you are already done with your calories then you can choose to bike longer.
  3. There are a lot of moving parts to this workout if you want it to work. The pace should be like a “Just move” Day. The workout can be manipulated depending on who your partner is and how much rest you want.
  4. The ULTIMATE goal is for you and your partner to finish each exercise at the same time +/- 15 seconds or so. You wont to avoid long bouts of waiting for your partner to finish so you both can move on. That’s why it may be better to either scale up and scale down. Communicate with your partner as you go through the workout.
  • It is the trainer’s responsibility to guide and lead the athlete, and it is the athlete’s responsibility to be committed to the process”

Box News: 

  • Rebecca W is going to Coach Thursday 5:30AM classes in July and August to get some experience before she heads off to college. CLASS SIZE WILL BE CAPPED WITH NO WAITLIST OPTION. Please do not show up unless you are signed in for class. Be cognizant has been training in the Fitness setting but will be handling the CrossFit classes for the first time. Come support and encourage her. 5:30am classes will be removed from the schedule once she heads to school.
    • July 7, 14, 21
    • August 4, 18, 25
  • Starting June 24th there will be 9:30am classes on Fridays Until The last Friday in August.

Schedule/Event News:

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