Tues 7.5.16

“Once you reach a desirable level of physical fitness, a regular program of activity must be maintained to prevent deconditioning or a loss in functional capacity.

Strength: Back Squat, 85%, 4,5, max reps, max reps, Every 2 min

Huff and Puff: 5RFT

  • 15 Box Jumps (24/20)
  • 15 Front Squats (115/85)
  • 15 Hollow Rocks
    • 25 min cap
  1. Today’s WOD is meant to get that heart rate up and keep it up. Pick a box height and front squat weight that are not going to slow you down. The hollow rocks will allow for a built in rest as they will be difficult to perform while breathing heavy.

Shoutouts: Angela P Bday
Box News: 

  • Rebecca W is going to Coach Thursday 5:30AM classes in July and August to get some experience before she heads off to college. CLASS SIZE WILL BE CAPPED WITH NO WAITLIST OPTION. Please do not show up unless you are signed in for class. Be cognizant has been training in the Fitness setting but will be handling the CrossFit classes for the first time. Come support and encourage her. 5:30am classes will be removed from the schedule once she heads to school.
    • July 7, 14, 21
    • August 4, 18, 25

Schedule/Event News:

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