Wed 12.2.15

Skill: Deadlift

WOD: Some Competition

Part 1: 8 Min For Time

  • 10 Deadlifts (Men: 135-155-175-195-215) (Women: 95-105-115-125-135)
  • 15 Box Jumps (20″)
  • *After Every Round increase the DL by 20# for Men and 10# for Women
    • Person A goes first while Person B judges and helps add weight to the bar
    • 2 Min Rest in Between heats
    • The person who goes 2nd is going to have less rest going into Part B

Part 2: 10 Rounds of 1 Min AMAP (5 rounds each person)

Alternating 1 min on and 1 min off with your partner complete:

  • 5 Double Handed KB Thrusters (30/20)
  • 7 Burpees

*Part B: Person A gets 1 Min to complete the 5 and 7 while Person B rests. Once the Minute is up then Person B gets to the complete the 5 and 7. Continue in this fashion for 10 minutes. If you finish the 5 and 7 before the minute is up then you both get the extra rest.

Coaches: For Part 1 please partner people up who are close in ability to avoid different DL weights. If one partner is slightly stronger than their partner then both people should use the lighter weight

If there is a need for two bars (i.e. guy/girl partners) then 2 bars are allowed.

Shoutouts: none

Box News:

Schedule News:

  • All of December: No 3pm Classes
  • December 8: No 6:10pm or 7:15pm due to event at the box
  • December 24,25,31, Jan 1 – limited schedule due to holidays
  • December 5,12,19,26 – BenchMark Saturdays


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