Wed 5.18.16

Murph shirts will be ready in 10 days or so. Please, keep in mind the initial cost was an estimate. The final cost of shirts is $25. Pay directly to me, Thomas P Cascio or coach Rich Cierpial, only. In addition, special thank you to Thomas for putting extra hours in his day to make these shirts and Rich for helping to organize it.

“Greatness is just BEYOND Fatigue” 

Strength: 2×8 S2O from your previous week’s high, 2×6 Push Jerk at a heavier weight. Every 2 min  (off ground)

  • Focus on strong drive, heels down, strong overhead
  • Goal is to USE last week’s weight see ->here and last week here and 2 weeks ago here

Go Hard: Partner Follow the Leader

Part A:

  • 10/8 Cal Bike
  • 7 HSPU
    • 12 minutes

3 min rest 

Part B:

  • 200 Row
  • 7 S2O (135/95)
    • 12 minutes
  1. Go hard or go home means today you are working as fast as possible without really knowing how long you will be working for. Always remember to Move with a purpose.
  2. Follow the leader means that you cannot begin an exercise until your partner completes it.
  3. Make sure to keep track every time partner B completes the 7 HSPU or 7 S2O

Shoutouts: none
Box News: No Bootcamp June 25th

Schedule/Event News:

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