Wed 8.31.16

“Even the best have moments of weakness. It’s how you deal with it that defines your greatness.”

Skill: Hang Snatch, 60%, 3 reps, EMOM for 6 rds. Work on speed under the bar with hips back and extended elbows on the catch

Just Move: 5RFT of;

  • 5 Hang Snatch (70 – 80%) (take your 1RM number and multiply by anything between .7 to .8 to figure out your weight)
  • 10 Pull Ups
  • 400 Meter Run
    • 25 Min Cap
  1. Scaling Suggestions:
    1. The goal of the workout is to keep a consistent pace.
    2. Hang Snatch: Lower the weight to make sure you are moving the bar fast and effectively. Points of Performance (aka Form) is more important than the % you are using.
    3. Pull Ups – Make them difficult. Today is the day to challenge yourself on the pull ups. Maybe use a weighted vest or use one less band or do them strict. Make it more difficult than usual.
    4. 400 M Run – No Mod for the run unless you are injured. The sub is .8 km on the Bike for every 400 Meters

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