Wed 9.7.16

“Become the best and they will find you. Spend time mastering your craft instead of spending time trying to convince others how great you are”

Skill: Clean

Heavy and Hard…Not Fast:  4RFT (0:00-21:00)

  • 6 Cleans (75% 1RM)
  • 18 Pull Ups
  • 24 Air Squats
    • 21 Min Cap

Start when done with the 4RFT—Then NFT (until 26:00)

  • Cleans, TNG, 8×2 @80%, Move with purpose not necessarily for time.

Another 5 min cap added to the 21 minutes

  1. Scaling Suggestions
    1. Cleans – lower the weight if your form is still not down. Do not worry about the %. Use a weight that feels right. If your clean form is solid, stick to the 75%
    2. Pull Ups – Use assistance as needed. It is a lot of pull ups throughout the workout.

Shoutouts: Kerri K 1 year anniversary

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