WOD: “AMAP” -Mon 9.14.15

Strength: S2O, 4×9, Every 2 min  (3 Strict, into 3 Push press, into 3 Push Jerk) (0,2,4,6)

*warm up to a heavy 3 rep strict press before beginning 4×9

Get your weight from last time and try to beat it: 8.7.15

GOAL: really really really push yourself on the work because the rest period is very generous. Make the most out of your conditioning. Avoid taking long breaks. Move with a purpose. 


With 4 minutes on the clock complete:

400 Meter Run

20 Pull Ups

AMAP S2O with the remaining time (125/85)

4 min rest

Repeat 3 more times

*4 scores total. Each rd is a separate score





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