WOD: “Bootcamp/Burpee Insanity” -Thurs 2.23.12

“Bootcamp Burpee Insanity”

Group 1:

Rope Slam 

Tire Flip 

Sledge Hammer/Crunch Slam

Agility Ladder

Farmer’s Walk

Push up to hurdle 

Split Squats Holding Med Ball

Sled Push

Bench Hops

Group 2:

7 Minutes of Burpees

Goal: To complete each station nonstop for 30 seconds

Rest: W:R Ratio  Set 1 & 2: 30:20

How to do it: Follow the work to rest ratio that is listed above for every exercise.  Begin at the first station, work for ’x’ number of seconds, then move to station 2.  Do not start the 2nd station until the rest period is over. 

Burpees:  Perform 7 minutes of Burpees.  Record your numbers below.

Extra:  Each group does each workout twice.


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