WOD: “Oly, AMAP” -Fri 1.23.15

Skill: Power Snatch (5×2)┬á7 min to work up to a successful double┬á(every 2 minutes┬áperform 2 power cleans┬á– if you drop the bar, you must perform the second rep┬áwithin 15 seconds)



Every AMAP is 2 minutes long

1 min rest between exercises

Time on the clock and exercise order below

0-2 Bench Presses (155/75)

3-5 Snatch + OHS (or full snatch) (95/65)

6-8 Calories Rower (assault bike if needed)

9-11 Air Squats


Then Repeat (12-14, 15-27, 18-20, 21-23)


*Report your last successful snatch double 

*Report your reps after every 2 minutes during the 1 min transition

*You will be assigned your starting exercise

*People will have to start at different stations. 

 *16 person Max 

IMG_7410 IMG_7411




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