WOD: “Oly and Max Effort” -Thurs 1.29.15

Skill: Power Cleans – Work up to a 1RM   7 x 1


WOD:  4RNFT Max Effort 

20 Alt Pistols (1 for 1)

20 Alt OHL (1 for 1) 45#

35 Jump Ropes (preferably double unders)

Max Effort Hang Cleans to Strict Press (95/55) – Once you drop the bar your max effort for that round is over

25 min cap


*The clean weight will be determined by what you can strict press 

*Your strict press will be determined in the warm up. 

*You will report your 4 max effort scores (one for each round)




IMG_7464 IMG_7465





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