WOD: “Partner Competition” -Mon 6.1.15

Skill: Snatch 8×2, 85%, EMOM

Focus: Hip Extension with straight elbow

WOD:  Partner Competition

  • 30 Second AMAP Snatches (50%)
  • 30 Second Rest
  • 30 Sec AMAP Bar Over Burpees
  • 30 Sec Rest

You should have 10 individual scores each. 1 for each round (add the number of snatches to the number of Bar Over Burpees per round) 

One partner works while the other partner rests. Compare reps each round. Add up all your 10 rounds at the end and that is the number that will be recorded on the board!

You are doing your own thing, on your own bar. You are just competing against someone. 

Solo person is competing against themselves


IMG_0353 IMG_2702 IMG_2958 IMG_6611


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