WOD: “Partner WODS” -Tues 2.17.15

Teams of 2. 2 teams start at each Part. Each station is 5 minutes


Part A:  AMWAP РWork your way up to a heavy 1 rep Bench Press.  Report your heaviest weight. (each person will have their own bar)

Part B:  AMCAP РMax Calories on the bike or rower (each person will have their own rower/bike)

Part C: AMWAP – Work your way up to your heaviest sled push from one side to the other side. (you and your partner will share one sled)

Part D:  AMAP РMax Muscle Ups (or One Pull then One Dip = 1 muscle up) (each person will have their own station)


2 min rest in between parts

16 person max





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