WOD: “Kind of Grace and AMRAP” -Mon 2.16.15

Skill:  Squat Clean (5×2)  (every 2 minutes perform 2 reps – if you drop the bar, you must perform the second rep within 15 seconds) – Record highest completed double


WOD: For time into AMRAP

With 15 minutes on the clock:

For Time 

10 Clean and Jerks (95/55)

8 C&J (115/65)

6 C&J (135/75)

4 C&J (145/85)

2 C&J (155/95)

****You must increase every round so make sure you are figuring out what are you going to do for your last set of two and work down from there


Immediately into:

AMRAP for the remaining time of:

16 Alt Pistols

25 Double Unders


IMG_7628 IMG_7629







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