WOD: “Partner 150” -Tues 1.3.12

“Partner 150”

150 Push Ups

150 Dips

150 Squats

150 Burpees

150 Jump Ropes

Goal: For you and a partner to complete 150 reps of every exercise in 20 minutes.

Rest:  When needed

How to do this: Person 1 sprints 100 meters while person 2 starts the push ups.  When person 1 finishes the sprint he/she will continue with the push ups while person 2 will stop the push ups and start sprinting.  Person 1 will keep counting from where person two left off.  While one person is sprinting the other person is starting to knock out the reps of the given exercise.  The 150 reps are done as a partnership, not 150 each.  Once 150 push ups are finished move on to dips, then squats, etc…


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