Warm Up: Introductions and exercise review

WOD: 26 min Partner AMRAP

  • 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 10…….
    • HRPU
    • DB 1 ARM S2O (No Rx Weight) (Switch Side every 2 reps)
    • KB Goblet Squats (70/50)
    • Row/Bike Cals (Assign some groups bike and some rowers)
      • The rep scheme is 2 of each movement, then 4 of each, then 6 of each, etc. for 26 minutes
      • One partner working at a time, while the other rests.
      • Partners switch every minute and pick up where the other partner left off.

Extra Credit: Power Clean, 5×2, every 90’s TNG

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Aug 12, 2017 – CFS Beach Day
Oct 28, 2017 – Halloween Party
Nov 18, 2017 – Friendsgiving
Dec 15, 2017 – Holiday Party

From July 24th – July 28th, Bring a Friend, Family Member, Significant Other, Et Cetera.
>They can come to any class.
>WODs will be created and adjusted to make the current athlete and the new athlete both succeed and get a great workout.
>You are allowed to bring someone up to 2 times
>You can bring as many people as you wish.
>Just tell them to bring a change of sneakers and come have fun :0). No need for them to sign up for class (you still do). We will handle that when they get to the box.
>If they cannot make the class you usually attend, you can accompany them to another class time and you do not have to work out if you choose not to.
>They can be someone who is new to the box or someone who has visited before.
>You are allowed to bring multiple people at once.
>You may bring a kid to the kids class.
>This applies to both Ladies Fitness and CrossFit.






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