Fri 6.3.16

“Don’t mold yourself to fit the story that you have been told about yourself.  Instead, tell the story that you have molded.”


Strength: Snatch, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1, Every 90 Seconds, Hit the 1’s at the same weight you hit the 2 reps.

Pace Yourself: For Time

  • Complete 75 Muscle Snatches for time (75/55)
    • Every time the bar stops moving, you need to perform 2 rounds of:
      • 8 Burpees
      • 8 Toes to Bar
      • Then you can proceed where you left off
    • At the very least, you must break at the 25 rep mark and 50 break mark (you can break earlier if you have to). This rule is meant for athletes who plan on doing 3 sets of 25 reps. 
    • 25 min cap
  1. Pace Yourself in this workout means to plan ahead before picking up the bar to perform your snatches. Give yourself enough rest to bang out a big clip of snatches. 

Shoutouts: Thomas Cas, Will Luna 1 year anniversary
Box News: 

  • No Bootcamp June 25th
  • Starting June 24th there will be 9:30am classes on Fridays Until The last Friday in August.

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