General Suggestions

Basic Nutrition Suggestions

  • Eat all your meals within an 8-10 hour window
    • This means that your first meal and last meal must be 8 to 10 hours apart. If you eat at 8 am then your last meal should be finished by 6 pm.¬†
  • Eliminate the top offenders¬†
    1. Added sugar
    2. Grains, pasta, and rice
    3. Vegetable oils* (Corn, Cottonseed, Canola, Safflower, Sunflower, Soybean oils) as well as Peanut* and sesame oil*. *These oils have a high % of omega-6 to omega-3 as well as easily damaged and rancid.
    4. Artificial sweeteners, especially in beverages b/c they confuse the appetite centers in the brain. They behave in the body just like regular table sugar.
    5. Dairy and Beans for most, not all,  people
  • Cook your veggies with flavor and care
    • Lightly cook your vegetables
    • Cook your vegetables in lard, tallow, butter, ghee, coconut oil, or avocado oil.¬†
    • After cooking, flavor your veggies with butter, sea salt, and olive oil
  • Eat meat (all animals) and vegetables (mostly green leafy), nuts and seeds, some fruit (berries), little starch (root veggies) and no sugar (nor added sugar or artificial sweeteners)
  • Eat 2 -3 Meals a day¬†
  • No snacking in between meals¬†
  • When plating your food
    • 1/2 the plate should be your cooked or raw veggies
    • 3-4 ounces of your protein choices
    • 2+ servings of fat
    • Eat to get full
  • Drink water or black coffee between meals
    • You may add MCT Oil, Coconut milk or oil, cacao, vanilla extract, cinnamon, or butter to your coffee = Bulletproof coffee

Basic Exercise Suggestions

  • Exercise for 30-45 minutes day¬†
  • Strength Train 2-3 times a week¬†
  • Engage in vigorous exercise 1-2 a week

Your exercise options include:

On your own РThe cheapest option is exercising at home, around town, a park, et cetera. This means you are going to be using your own bodyweight as resistance or purchasing weights to store in your car or home. The downside is there may be less variety and intensity. Individuals often lose motivation over time.  Although this is the cheapest option, it also lacks variety, a group atmosphere, and novelty. Also, you are still in control of developing your own workouts and following through with them. Another limitation is knowledge about exercise or lack thereof. Most people do not know what to do or how to do it. This creates a situation where people are often discouraged to workout.

Commerical Gym – A commercial gym is what people are referring to when they say they joined a gym. The typically have treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, machine weights, and free weights. Gyms offer an array of exercise options in terms of machines, “cardio” equipment, and free weights. There will be a lot more variety than the “on your own” option. The price tag for a gym membership is typically within the $10-$40 a month range. Although it has more variety, it still does not foster a community environment and becomes boring over time. Typically, people get bored of the same routine. Also, you are still in control of developing your own workouts and following through with them.¬† If you are uneducated about how to workout then it would cost money to get a personal trainer to teach you the correct form and technique. Gyms also make people feel uncomfortable as many people believe that everyone is watching them, often times feeling them feeling embarrassed. This may ultimately lead you to quit showing up. There are no other people there looking out for your best interests or concerned about your success.

Group Fitness Facility – There are a ton of group fitness options: CrossFit, Bootcamp, Kickboxing, Yoga, Pilates, and Spin Studios. This is the most expensive option but offers the most variety, increased intensity, increased motivation, increased accountability, and an increased excitement about working out. Typically, people enjoy working out with other people around. This helps people stay motivated and excited to come back. Since group classes are led by an instructor, the task of coming up with a workout routine is now off your plate. You can show up to class without having to think about anything than getting a good workout. The community atmosphere takes away the feeling of embarrassment most people have when attending a commercial gym. Everyone is the class pushes and helps each other. While taking classes, you have a trainer watching you to improve your form and technique. You are going to pay more per month but you are also going to get more in return. The only thing you literally have to do is show up. When working out on your own or going to a commercial gym, you have to do everything.


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