Tues 3.26.19

Deadlifts with Bands
5×3, every 90

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4 rounds, 21 min cap
In 3 minutes
18/13 Bike Cal
2 Rope Climbs
MAX HSPU with time left from the 3 min.
3 min rest

Gentle Reminder that starting April 1st the 5:05pm class is moving to 5:00pm AND the Ladies 6:30pm is moving to 6:15pm.

Reminder, that there is NO OPEN GYM during the kids class from 5 – 6pm and during the ladies class from 6:15pm-7:00pm.

March is Colon cancer awareness month. March 26th is Lorraine’s Bday. So we will be doing LORRAINE’S workout during the 3:45pm to our support her doing this tough time.


5RFT 25 min Cap
3 Hang Cleans (155/115)
26 Russian Twists
28 ABMAT Sit Ups (FB 56)
58 Single Unders ONLY!


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