Tues 5.24.16

“If what you did in the past still looks big to you then you really haven’t done much in the present.”

Strength: Bentover Row, 4×8, Every 75 seconds

The Skill Sprint Test: 5-4-3-2-1

  • Rope Climb
  • Double Unders 1ox (50,40,30,20,10)
    • 6 min cap
    • 2 heats (one heat rests while the other heat goes)

Huff and Puff: 6 Min AMRAP

  • 12/10 Assault Bike
  • 7 Toes to Bar
    • same two heats as above
    • if more than 14 people in class, the people over 14 have to do rower
    • Athletes: Move more bike close to your pull up spot.
  1. The Skill test is testing your skills on the rope climb and double unders. Your skill on these movements will determine your finishing time. If you are skill working on getting better at these movements then Scale DOWN for today to keep the heart rate as high as possible. This is meant to be an all out sprint; do not hold anything back. Pacing is for chumps. 
  2. Huff and Puff implies that you are pushing yourself to keep moving as fast as possible. Scale up the T2B today if you are someone who is average at them. Expect a bunch of rounds.

Shoutouts: Dan P Bday
Box News: No Bootcamp June 25th

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