Wed 5.25.16

“If we listen to the voice, our lives lose their promise”

Strength: Power Clean, 4×4, TNG, Find 4RM, Every 2 min

WOD: For Time

  • 400 Meter Run
    • 21 Unbroken Pull Ups
    • 21 Box Jumps (24/20)
  • 400 Meter Run
    • 18 Unbroken Pull Ups
    • 18 Box Jumps
  • 400 Meter Run
    • 15 Unbroken Pull Ups
    • 15 Box Jumps

Every time you have to break up the pull ups you owe a 2 sprint penalty (there-back =1). The goal is to Not have more than 1 penalty run per set.

  1. Treat the workout like an interval in the sense that you will allow your heart rate to come down before starting the pull ups. Prepare to move fast on your runs. When you return, let your heart rate come back before attempting your pull ups. Then pick up the pace again when performing the box jumps.  
  2. Scaling: For someone who can do the required pull ups no problem, today would be the day to scale up to muscle ups (maybe 7,5,3 instead of 21,18,15 for example). If your pull ups are not proficient and you are using bands/rows then treat this workout like a cruise control. Do not wait as long to get your heart rate come down when you finish the run and don’t worry too much about your penalty runs 

Shoutouts: Leonard W Bday
Box News: No Bootcamp June 25th

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