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Tuesday 6.27.17

Strength/Skill: Back Squats, 10 x 1, 85%, EMOM

  • 1 squat every minute for 10 minutes

WOD: Partner Battle

    • 10 DB/KB Overhead Walking Lunges (35s/20s) – 1 for 1
    • 10 T2B
    • 10 Hang Cleans (135/95)
  • Part 2
    • 20/14 Cal Row
    • 10 Lateral Burpees, over the rower
      • Rules:
      • This is a Partner Battle.
      • 3, 2, 1, GO: Partner A begins working on the AMRAP while Partner B begins working on Part 2.
      • As soon as partner B completes a round of part 2, partner A must stop working on the AMRAP immediately, keep track of where he/she left off, and begin working on part 2 while partner B beginsĀ working on the AMRAP.
      • When partner A completes a round of part 2, they switch again (partner B must returnĀ to part 2 and partner A picks up where he/she left off on the AMRAP).
      • Partners continue in this fashion for 12 minutes, then take a 2 minute rest.
      • After the 2 minute rest, we will go again for another 12 minutes. Ā Partner B will now startĀ on the AMRAP, continuing where he/she left off, and partner A will start on part 2.
      • 26 minutes in total.
      • Each individual will have 1 AMRAP score after 26 minutes (pick up right where you left off after the rest!). Ā There is nothing to record in regards to part 2. Ā You want to spend the majority of your time working on the AMRAP. Push through part 2 hard and fast in order to have time to work on the AMRAP.

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