Wednesday 8.16.17

Review: How to unload a barbell

Strength/Skill: Handstand Pushups

  • 5 minute EMOM of 5 HSPUs
    • 5 HSPUs every minute on the minute for 5 rounds

WOD: Partner AMAP Stations

  1. HSPU
  2. T2B
  3. Rope Climb
    • 7 minutes at each station
    • 1 minute rest/transition between stations
    • 23 minutes total
      • **One partner must be holding a plank for the other to be able to work on the station movement. ¬†This applies for all 3 stations.
        • Your team will record 3 separate scores, your total amount of HSPUs, total amount of T2B, and total amount of Rope Climbs.

The News:
Community Spotlight: Kyle McSpedon, Mike Isabella, Vivian Martinez, Jess Pogoda
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Oct 28, 2017 – Halloween Party
Nov 18, 2017 – Friendsgiving
Dec 15, 2017 – Holiday Party

Schedule News:
Based on the survey results, it is evident that people want a CrossFit Style class on the weekends. With being said, if you are still looking for the “bootcamp” feel you can take the 8:00-8:45am¬†Cardio Express class. If you are looking for the “CrossFit” feel you can take the 9am-10am CrossFit class. The Saturday CrossFit class will vary from month to month in terms of what we do (starting Sept 9th). It will be a little different than the normal structure from the M-F¬†WODS. As with most other class additions or adjustments, this will be a test run to see if it increases attendance on the weekends. I want to make sure I am doing my best to improve your experience based on your recommendations. I also have to consider what is best for the community at large. Let’s continue to flourish. (The Saturday CrossFit offering will continue to be a part of the normal schedule if it proves to be more popular than¬†bootcamp¬†was. Sooo…..if you want it to stay….Come to class!)

Cardio Express: Reminder that Cardio Express comes with your current package. Come and sweat with us. T and Th 5:45am-6:30am. And Sat 8-8:45am. (Reminder, there will not be cardio express Saturday 12th, Tuesday 15th, Thursday 17th, and Saturday 19th). Cardio Express will pick back up on the 22nd.


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