Strength/Skill: Back Squats, 6 x 2, 90%, E2MOM

  • 2 Back Squats at 90% of your one rep max every 2 minutes for 6 rounds

WOD: Catch me if you can – Team Follow the Leader

  • 15/10 Bike Cals (go HARD)
  • 3 Squat Cleans (185/135)
  • 8 Lateral Burpees, over the bar
    • Teams of 3 (if a team of 2 is needed, that is fine)
    • Person 1 begins with 15/10 cals on the bike…once person 1 is finished with the bike then person 2 starts right away on the bike while person 1 moves onto the squat cleans and then to the burpees. Once person 2 is done with the bike, he/she will move onto the squat cleans but CANNOT lap the person in front of them. Once person 2 is done with the bike, person 3 starts the bike and then moves onto the squat cleans. Again, you cannot pass the person in front of you. You as essentially following the person in front of you but cannot pass them. The goal is to never get caught by the person behind you. Every person is going to end up performing 7 rounds.  Keep moving through every round until everyone completes 7 rounds each
    • No scoring, just record weights
    • You may progressively increase your weights
    • The rest is built in when you are waiting for the person in front you of to complete their required work.
    • No two people can be on the same exercise at the same time.
    • The purpose is to get 1 round done as fast as possible, not allowing the next athlete to ever catch up. Push the Pace to get the most out of today!
    • 21 Min Cap

The News:
I need some help this weekend crew members. On Friday, from 11am until we are done, I am moving all the mats out of the first two units to clean. I need as much help as possible moving them outside or stacking them up inside if it rains. It is sooooooo much easier with more hands on deck. On Saturday, from 8am until we are done, I will need help getting the mats back in order. PLEASE let me know if you can help out. Remember, the box is shut down AFTER the 9:30am class on friday until Monday 5:30am class. ALL weekend is dedicated to getting this box cleaned and rearranged.

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