Wed 6.8.16

“The most positive thing you can do in your life is get rid of all the negative people in your life.”

Strength: Snatch, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, Every 2 Min. Work up a heavy 2RM

Huff and Puff: 12 Min AMRAP

Away from the whiteboard

  • Tabata: Hollow Rocks
  • Ring Dips 4×8
  • 2 Min accumulated plank
  1. Today’s workout is meant to kick you butt for 12 minutes. Both movements will keep that heart rate up. Keep in mind positional quality once fatigue sets in.

Box News: 

  • No Bootcamp June 25th
  • Starting June 24th there will be 9:30am classes on Fridays Until The last Friday in August.

Schedule/Event News:

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